Reliable IT Support Services and Solutions in New Jersey and NYC

We are Network, WiFi, and Information Security Experts providing Highly Efficient | Cost-Effective IT Support Services to businesses and organizations


Whether you are implementing a new WiFi network, Troubleshooting your existing Network, adding a Network Firewall and VPN solution, we have the experience and technical expertise required for a successful implementation.




Our goal is to provide fortune 100 IT technical support to small and medium-sized businesses in Hudson County and surrounding areas by developing, implementing, and aligning technology with business' goals and requirements.

Wireless Solutions



We specialize in the planning, implementation, and support of Wireless Network solutions for businesses and organizations in New Jersey and NYC. Whether you are looking for WiFi tech support or to implement a new WiFi solution you...

Network Security



Businesses of all sizes, big and small, are being plagued by RansomWare, Malware, Phishing, Denial of Service, Drive-by Download, Malvertising, SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting,  Session Hijacking attacks, and  Zero-Day Attacks...

Dedicated, Responsive, and Cost-Effective IT Support Services in NJ & NYC

We specialize in providing IT Support services to small businesses in Northern New Jersey and New York City.  We understand the challenges and dynamics small organizations face every day during business operation, that's why we develop customized solutions and services that support the business core values and goals to ensure that technology is another tool available for growth.  Our level of commitment and responsibility is the same for all our customers, we support businesses from 3 to 200 users and we thrive to offer the most reliable and cost-effective service.


We are network, wireless, and information security experts with a passion for technology who provide accountably, cost-effective, and responsive IT Support Services. Whether you need to augment your IT resources, need special implementation, or are looking for a reliable IT Support company to serve your day-to-day technical needs we provide the one-stop for all your technical needs.                   

We develop and implement solid and scalable Network, WiFi, and Network Security solutions. 

We provide reliable and dedicated IT Support services in Northern NJ and NYC. Our mission is to provide fortune 500-grade support to small and mid-sized organizations, of course at a small business price. We bring together expertise in 


1. LAN design and configuration, from simple flat design to complex multi VLAN environment,

2. Information Security Solution, whether a new Firewall implementation or hardening the various network layers,

3. WiFi Network Solutions, Wireless communication in the office environment is gaining more ground, and as such a proper solution must be implemented to support the user community. We bring all those services together with outstanding customer service support to make sure your Wired and Wireless Networks are functional and secure.

We're highly skilled technical experts assisting with WiFi, IT System Support, Firewall Configuration, and Network Administration Services.

We are more than a consulting company; we partner with IT to offload the complexity and intricacies of WiFi Networking, Cyber Security, Remote Access, and Network Administration so that your business can thrive in what they do best. With over 20 years of experience providing IT Services, We have become a strategic partner to many companies and organizations throughout Northern New Jersey and NYC.

The IT Business Support Solutions we provide go beyond technical knowledge; most consulting companies can provide technical answers, connect a network, or set up wireless wifi. We separate from the competition by having a deep understanding of all technical and business access and learning about your business to implement solutions specific to your needs. 

We go beyond a network design; we make sure your network implementation is resilient, scalable, and reliable. With our deep understanding of transport protocols and routing protocols, application support, network, and wireless standards, you can count on us to deliver outstanding WiFi solution for your environment. With our strategic partnership with electricians and structured cable companies, we can manage and deliver the fiber or copper for your wired and wireless networking solution.


Wireless Network Installation Services and Solutions.

Wireless networks play a significant role in network connectivity, and having the right solution in place is essential for business productivity. Each company is unique in its wireless network requirements, there's no one-size-fits-all type of solution, but something that remains the same across the board is the need to have a wireless network that is secure, reliable, and resilient. At JDTech, we look at the wireless implementation as another "infrastructure piece" that fits in with the Ethernet backbone, the edge, and the core technologies. We are partners with the leaders in Wireless technical real, including Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Extreme, Cambium, Ubiquity, Ruckus, Proxim, and deploy wireless solutions for SonicWall, Sophos, and Fortinet.


We know WiFi; we are a local WiFi network installer providing WiFi solutions in New Jersey and New York. From the small company wireless network setup to a point to multiple point solution with wave 6, you can count on us to deliver the WiFi network solution right for your environment. 

You can count on us to deliver highly efficient and cost-effective wireless network solutions that support and integrate with your existing infrastructure; whether you are expanding your existing network or implementing a new, we will guide you through the engineering, planning, and deployment process. When it comes to WiFi Network Solutions in New Jersey, JDTech is the WiFi realm leader. 

We are WiFi experts deploying Smart, highly efficient WiFi solutions. But, what do Smart WiFi solutions mean? It means that we take into account many variables during the WiFi planning to create a wireless solution that capable of independent actions while operating with minimal human interaction.

We understand how Smart WiFi Technology works.


An ideal WiFi signal strength is between -60 dBm and -70 dBm, with anything below -60 dBm considered excellent. Still, depending on your business application, you may want to plan your deployment to have a WiFi signal strength that supports the specific function within your environment's specific coverage area. Reaching the ideal signal strength does not necessarily mean a reliable WiFi connection; remember, you may be seeing the reading on a device with a stronger wireless card, or you have taken your reading at a moment and place when the network wasn't busy.


Effective WiFi solutions go beyond the radio signal broadcast, the radio band, and even the hardware manufacturer; they require wireless network experts with strong network and information security background to look at the whole picture to come up with the right solution. When it comes to WiFi network design, JDTech is the trusted partner to count on.

Why choose JDTech?


We deliver first-class IT Support services, whether you are a small startup or established business, we deliver fortune 500-grade technical support at a small business price. 


Fixing a network problem is a good thing but understanding what caused the problem and how other systems is affected is even better. We are network experts who understand the ins and outs of networking. 


Whether you need VPN access for remote users, a WiFi Solution, Windows Server implementation, or Firewall solution for your business we implement technology that aligns with your goals.


Various technical solutions must work in harmony for proper network deployment, our experience, and technical expertise as network experts allow us to deploy resilient solutions. 



Located in Secaucus, NJ, we serve businesses in Northern NJ and NYC. 


"Do unto others as you would have them do to you", In business is serve other companies and we'd like to be served by other professionals. We offer the support, honesty, and transparency we expect to receive.  

We understand how Technology works.

Our deep knowledge and understanding of the network protocols allow us to diagnose, isolate, and troubleshoot network issues. Whether your VoIP phone is dropping phone calls, your internet connection keeps on slowing down, or the server access is too slow, we have the expertise and abilities to have your systems run at their best performance.


Contact us for details about our WiFi  Network Services and Solutions; whether you are a small or large organization, we can help you with your organization's right design.

Call us at 888-580-4450 or email us at

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