IT Network Support Services in New Jersey & NYC

We are Network Experts Serving Businesses and Organizations in New Jersey. We implement Reliable, Cost-Effective, and Secure​ LAN, WAN, and WLAN Solutions.

Our Solutions are designed for the needs of small and mid-sized organizations in New Jersey and NYC. Ethernet networks require proper planning to ensure redundant system communication throughout the organization without creating Network Bottleneck, STP loops, Incorrect VLAN assignment, and vulnerability holes. We are Network Experts we a deep understanding of IT and how it all comes together, from your servers configuration, switch, and firewall management, to QoS implementation for your high priority traffic you can count on us to deliver the right network solution for you. 

A successful LAN installation requires more than connecting network hosts to your Ethernet switch. All network pieces have to come together: the Ethernet cable runs to the end devices, whether to use CAT 5E or CAT 6. The edge switches, will you use un-managed or managed L3, will implementation support WiFi over PoE, will you require fiber or Ethernet up-links. Will you use high-end Cisco Catalyst switches or choose the SMB units. These and many more questions must be answered for a proper LAN implementation. Our bright and helpful network engineers bring the experience and network expertise required for a successful LAN implementation.

We are hardware vendor neutral. We support, manage, sell, and provide network troubleshooting services, whether you are running on Cisco, Meraki, Sophos, Dell, SonicWall, Fortinet, or any other network gear you can count on us to deliver reliable services and solutions.

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We develop network solutions with your needs and goals in mind.  We go beyond technology, our strategic technical vision coupled with a strong understating of technology allows creating solid scalable solutions for your environment. From small network environments to multi-site locations, you can count on us with the planning, design, and implementation of your network needs..


We pride ourselves in organizing your network in a way that is cohesive with the rest of your business and becomes a manageable part of your business. From the design, planning, implementation, and administration, you can count we'll develop the right solutions for you.

A reliable network solution relies on all components to work together, from the firewall to the switches, from the file servers to the authentication services, from the backups to the log servers, having all services properly configured is the foundation to the network.

Our Network Services Solutions offer:


Small businesses can also benefit from Network redundancy and availability. We develop Networks solutions that fit your business needs and IT budget.


We are Windows Server Experts, we help you with the deployment of your Windows Servers as standalone or in Active Directory mode. ​Whether you need a centralized File server, DNS solution, an Authentication server, or any other Windows service we can deploy it and manage it.


Our solutions take into consideration the users and applications running to determine the network throughput, choosing the right solution from the beginning will avoid system bottlenecks and inadvertent denial of service.


Network Security applies to every layer, whether securing your Windows Server, the workstations, or your entire network with a Firewall. We deploy the solution that applies to your specific needs and requirements to make sure the confidentiality, accountability, and integrity principles are met.



IPSEC and SSL VPN solutions deployment. We deploy the VPN solution that is right for you, for site to site or remote users.


Your network is the main highway where data rides on, whether wired or wireless. There are multiple components that must work together and in harmony for the network to work, we help locate the root cause of network problems. 

We are more than an IT Network Solution provider, we are your trusted technical adviser.

Connecting wires to the network switch is just the beginning, a proper network implementation requires all network services to work synchronously and in harmony. Services such as Firewall,  DNS, DHCP, LDAP, routing and switching, etc. play an important role in the network network configuration for your company. We help your organization with the proper network planning, design, deployment, support and administration. 


We understand that the requirement for financial institution are different from those in a School, a Health Care, marketing firm. Although the core goal of the Network is the same there are industry related regulations and requirements that make each deployment unique. We provide all the network related services and expertise for the successful completion of your Network Solution, whether it's a small single office network setup or a multi-site solution network solution in New Jersey or New York City we'll deliver the right solution on time and on budget. 

Network Troubleshooting Services.

Your network is not working as desired and you are growing increasingly frustrated. There are many factors why you may be experiencing network issues, most people associate sluggish performance to network problems but in reality, it could be anything else. Other network services may be failing, your WiFi network may be subjected to a DoS attack, a network bottleneck may be clogging the communication, a few internal hosts may be virus-infected and sending excess broadcast traffic, it may be a user error, the possibilities are many.

We analyze network traffic to find the root cause of the problem, we not only look into the L2 and L3 configuration but also into the other services necessary to make the network work. 

Every bit is accounted for!


A network traffic analysis will point to the root cause of the problem, whether a network, user, or application issue. We analyze the network communication to determine where the communication problem is. Intermittent Network problems, Internet disconnects, Inability to log from certain hosts, Choppy VoIP phone conversations are just a few of the never ending so called "network problems". We are network experts with the experience, expertise, and training to debug frustrating and time consuming network issues. Whether it's affecting a handful of users or it's crippling your day day operation you can count on us to identify and fix the problem. Network troubleshooting is not a matter of luck, it requires deep understanding of network and application protocols and how they apply in a specific environment. 

We configure your network in a logical and comprehensive way. Planning in the configuration and design are essentials for a network configuration to function properly in your organization; it just does not happen by chance. Our experience coupled with technical vision allows us to develop customized network solutions for your specific environment, whether your business is located in small office in Downtown Jersey City or in a crowded Financial district in Manhattan,  our network services and solutions will provide the core infrastructure service for your business to run.


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► Routing and Switching

► Security

► Virtualization

► Data Cabling

► Windows Server 

► Wireless Networking

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► VPN Configuration


► VoIP Telephones

► Windows Active Directory

► SAN | NAS configuration

► Traffic Analysis

► Network Troubleshooting

► Design | Engineering

The network is the heart of your technical infrastructure, if it's not functioning right everything else in your business will be affected. We are network experts, from the design to the administration, you can rest assure that our solutions will serve your business as a key component for your success. We analyze network communication to the bits and bytes level to understand the data flow and isolate the problem, we run the infrastructure services such as data cabling, router configuration, switching configuration, and security, and Windows Active Directory implementation.  


We develop network solutions with your needs and goals in mind. There's no "one size fits all" in-network services, that's why we create customized solutions specifically for your environment, we create resilient scalable solutions that support your existing environment while allowing the ability to grow and expand your business.

Why choose JDTech?


Network technical implementations can be expensive and time-consuming, we make sure your dollars are invested wireless by choosing the right products and services that fit your needs.


Fixing a network problem is a good thing but understanding what caused the problem and how other system are affected is even better. We are network experts who understand the ins and outs of networking. 


Whether you need VPN access for remote users, a WiFi Solution, Windows Server implementation, or Firewall solution for your business we implement technology that aligns with your goals.


Various technical solutions must work in harmony for a proper network deployment, our experience and technical expertise as network experts allow us to deploy resilient solutions. 



Located in Secaucus, NJ we serve businesses in Northern NJ and NYC. 


"Do unto others as you would have them do to you", In business is serve other companies and we'd like to be served by other professionals. We offer the support, honesty, and transparency we expect to receive.  

Our approach is simple and methodical because we understand network communications. Our deep knowledge and understanding of network protocols allow us to diagnose, isolate, and troubleshoot network and server issues. Whether your VoIP phone is dropping phone calls, your internet connection keeps on slowing down, or the server is too slow, we have the expertise and abilities to have your systems run at their best performance.


Contact us for details about our IT Network Services and Solutions, whether you are a small or large organization it all comes down to the bits and bytes flowing through the wire.

Call us at 888-580-4450 or email us at

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