Your new metal cabinets and glass walls may be the cause of the WiFi issues!

Continuing on the WiFi related issues topic I wanted to go over a one of the most common

causes of poor wireless coverage in an office environment but yet it goes unnoticed may times, this time we'll talk about Reflection and how it needs to be considered during the WiFi planning and troubleshooting.

Reflection is a simple concept, when the radio frequency wave (WiFi signal in this case) hits a smooth object the wave bounces in another direction, simple enough, right? but how does it affect WiFi communication in your office? Well think about it, let's say the wireless assessment and implementation was done in a empty office space before users moved in, as soon as the office become furnished and users working the physical environment in which the radio frequency travel have changed dramatically compared to the time of the initial assessment. Another example is when you have a working WiFi network but then certain departments bring metal cabinet for storage, that in itself will cause the radio signal to bound (reflect) and change what would've been normal signal path.

Realistically speaking Reflection may not be able to avoided, after all the business is design for the WiFi network but rather the opposite where the wireless network supports the business, what needs to be taken into account is how to design a resilient and flexible WiFi solution that can adjusted to business changes. One of the first things that one must do to avoid WiFi communication issues related to Reflection is upgrading the Access Points to new standards that actually take advantage instead of being affected by it. If your business still works on the 802.11a/b/g Reflection is certainly a problem for you, newer technologies such as 802.11/n/ac/ax utilize multiple-input, multiple-output technology (MIMO) technology to take advantage of multiple path (caused by Reflection). Not to say say that Reflection may not become an issue with newer technologies as the WiFi signal will lose power as it bounces around but the technology is capable of adapting to the changes and take advantage of it.

Needless to say that WiFi requires proper and administration, with the right tools and expertise your WiFi could become as reliable as your Ethernet network. We help companies Northern NJ and NYC with the WiFi designs and implementation, we're WiFi experts ready to help you on your next project.

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