802.11ax, the "fastest" WiFi standard in the market. Are you ready to upgrade?

802.11 ax WiFi Technology

The 802.11ax standard offers the ability to connect at WiFi speed that was just a dream years ago. With maximum transfer rates of around 3.5Gbps, one may think that all WiFi issues will become history when implementing the 802.11ax standard.

Sadly, that won't be the case in most situations because most WiFi issues are not related to bandwidth and throughput. However, implementing an 802.11 ax backbone and having the right technology supporting it will deliver outstanding connectivity. Like any new technology, 802.11ax is backward compatible. Still, if your WiFi network is currently experiencing intermittent connection issues, poor performance, and unreliability, chances are those issues will not be solved by implementing the new standard.

The 802.11ax protocol offers innovative technology designed to provide communication efficiency at a faster transfer rate by improving:

  • Spectral Efficiency: it relates to using the bandwidth more effectively. Up until 11ac standard, only one client could transmit at a time; 802.11 ax allows multiple user access, which means that bandwidth can be simultaneously shared between clients.

  • Spatial Reuse: it offers the ability to allow devices to transmit even when they detect other devices transmitting simultaneously. This is a significant improvement over the CSMA/CA protocol that set WiFi communication standards for years. The main goal of 11ax is to increase network efficiency, and it found it by increasing frequency reuse between BSS's, thus allowing multiple clients to transmit at the same time.

  • Power Management: it all boils down to allow the AP to explicitly schedule the time clients exchange data, which allows the client devices to negotiate with the AP when and how often they will wake up to send data.

The road to a full 802.11 ax network is far most companies, but as chip manufacturers keep embracing the technology and organizations go through the technical life cycle, we'll start seeing more system extending into the new technology, even if it takes them years to take advantage of it fully.

Businesses and organizations such as Educational Institutions, Health Care Organizations, Shopping Malls, and Dense office buildings will notice a considerable improvement when implementing 802.11ax. Companies that don't need to move a large amount of data in their wireless network won't see much of a difference with their current infrastructure.


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